New Graphite Body on Zone 6

Green Battery (NR April 7th, 2022) confirms drilling into a whole new graphite body on Zone 6.

The geophysical anomaly on Zone 6 is significant and now we have two potential huge sources of graphite.

The Berkwook Graphite Project

Our high-grade, natural, clean, green graphite that can be easily purified to 99.95% graphite is used in Lithium-ion batteries.

The Berkwood Graphite Project is located within the exploration friendly jurisdiction of Quebec, in the Manicouagan Regional County Municipality, three hours driving time from the city of Baie-Comeau. Easy access is provided via a major secondary road and numerous tertiary and forest roads that traverse the property

Green Battery Quick Facts:

  • Green Battery Minerals is now one of the industry leaders regarding property ownership in the area.
  • Green Battery Minerals Berkwood project is adjacent to Mason Graphite (TSX:LLG) and their massive +10m contained tonnes. Paving the way for Green Battery Minerals Inc. to leverage its unique position
  • Green Battery Minerals property location benefits from advanced roads, power, workforce, a port, and has a proposed graphite plant in place.

Green Battery’s Test Battery Development Highlights:

  • Extracting representative rock samples from the site:
    (Completed though our drill programs, channel sampling and rock sampling)
  • Crushing the rock samples: Recently reconfirmed in large scale tonnage.
    Floating the graphite in a high-grade concentrate from the host rock: Recently reconfirmed in large scale tonnage.
  • Purifying to 99.95% using the clean alkaline process: Preparing large scale tonnage to be tested.
  • Spherization for battery use.
  • Coating of the spheres.
  • Making an anode.
  • Testing our anode against other standard anodes.

Green Battery in the field:

Graphite taken from surface and drill core.

Crushing & Processing Graphite Underway

Graphite floats on water, this process, is used to separate the graphite. the graphite will then be purified using an alkaline process, spherization, coated and made into an anode for battery use.

Project Location Near To All Critical Infrastructure

Project Zones and Outcrop Graphite at Service: Currently 12 outcrop locations


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