Get Plugged In! Why Invest?

Growing global graphite demand in a supply chain shortage environment

Meeting The Market Demand With:

  • Clean Green Natural Graphite Easily Purified to 99.95% using Standard Alkaline process vs polluting and expensive Synthetic processes
  • Value adding two processes to the end product of Natural Large Flake Graphite
  • Price of Natural Large Flake Graphite: $2,000/ton
  • Price of Sphericalized Nature Large Flake Graphite: $3,000/ton
  • Price of coated Sphericalized Nature Large Flake Graphite: $7,500/ton

ESG Company: Located in Mining friendly Quebec, Canada

  • Infrastructure – Dams, Road Access, Ports, Railway
  • 4 very successful drill programs
  • Year-round access
  • On surface resource – open pit
  • Reclamation cost low
  • 11 other outcrop locations on the property
  • Large to Jumbo flake size, will make spherical graphite – used in the anode of batteries• Expandable for multiple industrial uses.
  • Short fuse to production using a simple mining process
  • De-risked compared to other graphite projects
  • Low cost; both cap and operating
  • 550,000 Tonnes of graphite and growing (43-101 Resource Estimate)
  • Carbon6 off-take agreement

Management: Employees are a Company's Competitive Advantage. Our team has found, built and operated mines. Not just one... but over 15! and now working on our 16th mine.